Contract Lifting

Contract Lifting / Lifting Solutions / Specialist Cranage Solutions

Most people think of contract lifting as the use of mobile crane, this is not the case as here at Karpa Engineering Solutions Ltd we plan many lifting contacts that may use various lifting applications from mobiles to lorry loaders, fork lift truck, hydraulic gantries pick and carry cranes and even jacks, all are undertaken here at Karpa Engineering Solutions Ltd:

  • Complete lifting solution whether 100kgs in a plant room or a 150,000kgs transformer, all meticulously planned by our experienced and dependable project management team
  • Planned with safety first and foremost
  • Undertaken With our knowledgeable experienced lift supervisors and riggers and planning team
  • Undertake with site feasibility studies including environmental conditions
  • Access / egress and ground loadings
  • Expertise that gives you pace of mind no matter how large or small, difficult or restrictive or demanding the local environment area / load may be
  • Organisation, planning and control of all aspects of the contract lift
  • Co-ordination with all concerned parties and bodies
  • Provision of detailed slinging / rigging plans
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